Innovating With Global Contract Research And Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

As the demand for pharmaceuticals increases, the role of leading contract research organization and drugs manufacturers also increases. Contract Manufacturing is the crucial factor that reduces the burden of mass-manufacturing on drug companies.

SAVA Healthcare Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company from India that is best-in-class in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical research and development. It provides a variety of services to boost the quality and efficiency of drug production.


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The Contract Research and Manufacturing sector at Sava focuses on providing crucial services in the form of preclinical and clinical research services as well as manufacturing pharmaceutical products under contract to our numerous clients across the world.


International Pharmaceutical Research and Development


International Pharmaceutical Research and Development
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Our Global Reach across Canada, Asia, CIS, Africa and India creates access to high quality generic pharmaceuticals at affordable prices.

Sava also assists with clinical studies and other forms of R&D.


The Research and Development Facility at Chinchwad, Pune is approved by DSIR and one of the best in the country. It has developed over 325 in-house formulations, of which 120 products are manufactured at Sava’s own manufacturing facility at Surendranagar. These include:


These products are further commercialised for markets in Canada, Ukraine and the CIS, Asia, Africa and FWA.


Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing


Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
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Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing focuses on mass producing pharmaceutical drugs and the crucial part of this process is the possession of specific equipment. At Sava, the sophisticated manufacturing equipment helps improve the efficiency and quality at which pharmaceuticals are mass-produced.


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Contract manufacturing at Sava is done with the utmost care and quality specification, keeping in mind the needs of global consumers:

  • All formulations are cGMP Certified, Halal and Kosher inspected.
  • This is particularly important for our Herbal Extracts Manufacturing facility for SAVA Herbals that exports to US, Europe and Japan.
  • The well-known generic manufacturing plant located at Surendranagar near Ahmedabad, India, holds various accreditations and produces a wide variety of dosage forms across dosage categories.
  • The formulations are superior with quality products manufactured at competitive rates in the market.


The high installed manufacturing capacity for all our products, makes Sava one among finest in world-class pharmaceutical contract manufacturing.


Global Reach


Global Reach
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The combination of contract manufacturing and R&D facility makes Sava a leading company to integrate new drugs into the pharmaceutical industry with efficiency and accuracy. But for any contract manufacturing organization, it is also important to have a global reach along with expertise in innovation.


Sava Healthcare has a broad geographic footprint thanks to its offices in numerous countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East/Far East. Through exports from India, SAVA has its reach in the Indian and global pharmaceutical industry:

  • We have filed substantial numbers of dossiers in different countries.
  • We have around 350 quality product registrations across 5 continents with submissions under ACTD, CTD and local MOH guidelines in different countries.
  • SAVA have close business association with JAMP Pharma Canada and MoviHealth Ukraine.


Efficient Regulatory Affairs Team Services


Efficient Regulatory Affairs Team Services
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The constant and fast-changing legislations related to Global Pharma Manufacturing has increased the importance of remain attentive and making changes to the manufacturing processes accordingly.

  • An essential part of Contract Research and Manufacturing is to follow the MOH regulations laid by Specific Countries called Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Regulations.
  • The FDA executes these regulations by overseeing the facilities, methods and controls that the manufacturer uses.
  • In the present competitive market environment, it is also necessary to reduce the time taken for the products to reach the market. This is both crucial for the product’s acceptance and critical to the company’s success.


This is where the importance of the Regulatory Affairs team at SAVA steps in, with its competent methods to keep track of the ever-changing legislations in all the locations where we market the Drug Products. This ensures fast turn-around in business, making Sava a highly efficient R&D and contract manufacturer.


It takes care of the following:

  • All equipments are well-maintained and precisely validated & calibrated ensuring that the finished product is free from contamination and safe for use.
  • Hazardous materials are strictly monitored and controlled.
  • Advanced sensors and data collection systems are constantly monitoring raw materials, finished goods, and equipment.
  • Working environment is kept to the highest standard of safety.


Tap Into the Future of Contract Research and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing With SAVA


Tap Into the Future of Contract Research and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing With SAVA
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The company’s extensive history in the industry and thorough knowledge base makes Sava Healthcare an ideal business associate for pharmaceutical Partners seeking to improve efficiency and increase revenues.

We know that research and analysis is time-consuming and manufacturing can be expensive in the absence of the right equipment. With our highly competent team of 30 scientists that develops the best quality formulations, Sava Healthcare’s R&D and pharmaceutical manufacturing services helps your company grow.


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Aiming for “Life Beyond Care” the Global Contract Research and wide range of pharmaceuticals sincerely provides life for the millions who trust in Sava.