Values and Strengths

Core Values

Be the bearers of SAVA in true sense

At SAVA, our work ethics is deep rooted and strong in the principles of karma, the ancient Indian doctrine on deeds and actions. 

As such, SAVA finds itself committed and completely in adherence to the above 12 principles which ensures to serve the society in the most righteous manner and thereby be the bearers of “feel good” in true sense.


Eagerness to help others


Open and honest communication


Being honest with strong moral principles


Work together to achieve collective goals in an efficient manner


Surpassing standards of expectation

Respect Individuality

Consider the unique personality & skill set of each employee


Take initiative in order to realize potential.


Capture and make use of information to create value

Win-Win Relationships

Work together to meet mutual interests and maximize value creation

Speed and Efficiency

Be prompt in delivering solutions that customers demand.


Choosing to do new things that create value for customers

Customer Delight

Surprising a customer by exceeding their expectations

Core Strengths

Quality Generics that you can rely upon
We offer an extensive range of formulations at affordable prices

Extensive Range
of products that includes Pharmaceuticals, Herbal and animal health products

Competent Team
across functions to meet growing customer needs

Global Footprint
across Canada, Ukraine and the CIS, Asia, and Africa (especially FWA) with both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Research & Development
facility in Pune that develops formulations and provides technical support to businesses for product commercialization

State-of-the-art Manufacturing facility
WHO-GMP & PIC/s approved manufacturing plant in Gujarat