Innovation and Drug Discovery

The Innovation and Drug Discovery (IDD) team of SAVA Healthcare Limited engages in the discovery of novel therapeutic entities, both natural and synthetic, for clinical indications of interest.

The team is focused on various therapeutic areas such as influenza, Rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, male health, vitiligo, autism, diabetes, obesity, Acne vulgaris, recurrent UTI, heavy metal toxicity, and blood disorders.

The Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs) are in various stages of development.

The team engages in systematic research for the identification of novel therapeutic molecules through molecular docking studies, purification of molecules, and development of various dosage forms of the formulation followed by animal efficacy studies prior to conducting human studies.

17 product and process patents filed

Over the last three years, IDD has filed 17 product and process patents and published several breakthrough research publications in peer-reviewed journals of international repute.