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Sava Healthcare Launches QR Coded Asthma Awareness Campaign Across 4 Countries

In view of World Asthma Day,  has launched a unique QR-coded awareness campaign across four countries- Nepal, Kenya, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

SAVA Healthcare to Elevate Respiratory Solutions in Nepal with its Dry Powder Inhaler

SAVA Healthcare Limited (SHL), a leading player in nasal spray and healthcare segment, has forayed into foreign market with its latest Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) product to treat respiratory diseases.

SAVA Healthcare's New Manufacturing Plant in Indore Set to Boost Employment Opportunities in the Region

Indore is set to witness a monumental milestone in the pharmaceutical industry with the cutting-edge manufacturing facility to be established by SAVA Healthcare Limited

SAVA Healthcare hosted MAHABIZ 2024 in Dubai, Bolstering Global Pharmaceutical Trade Opportunities

Mahabiz 2024 aligned with the recent signing of CEPA between India and the UAE.

SAVA Healthcare Elevates Pet Wellness in India through Exclusive Partnership with Leading French Pet Dermo-Cosmetic Brand, Dermoscent®

SAVA Healthcare Limited (SHL), a leading player in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, announced its recent partnership with the French pet dermo-cosmetic brand Dermoscent®, a renowned pet dermo-cosmetic brand under the Nextmune Group.

SAVAVET, a division of SAVA Healthcare Ltd launches Earworks, first of its kind ear cleansing solution for dogs & cats

earworks is an advanced ear cleanser that has anti-bacterial action, removes ear wax, and prevents otitis. It has neutral pH that is soothing and gentle to the ears and has a refreshing floral fragrance. earworks can be used to clean ears in dogs and cats routinely, as a preventive for otitis, and as a pre-treatment in case of ear infections.

FELINTRA (Itraconazole) anti-fungal therapy for cats launched by SAVAVET, a division of SAVA Healthcare Limited

“Itraconazole in FELINTRA is more readily available in target issues because of the addition of cyclodextrin or cyclic carbohydrate in the formulation. This overcomes the issue of poor water solubility of Itraconazole. Hence FELINTRA is unique”, said Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, Chairman – SAVA Healthcare Limited.

SAVAVET launches ORAPET, the first probiotic dental drops for cats and dogs in India

SAVAVET, a business vertical of SAVA Healthcare Limited announced the launch of ORAPET, a radical new treatment modality to promote healthy gums, teeth, mouth and breath in cats and dogs. 

How insomnia, a sleeping disorder, has risen amid the pandemic

Anidra (Insomnia) is amongst the most common sleep disorders worldwide. People suffering from insomnia remain restless with irregular sleep intervals throughout the night and have trouble falling back to sleep.

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Chairman Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav announces new investment of SAVA Healthcare in USFDA compliant plant at Indore India

 Sava Healthcare Limited, a pharmaceutical company has announced an investment of Rs 300 crore with the acquisition of 15 acres land in Smart Industrial Park (SIP) near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

SAVA Healthcare launches its herbal formulations business

SAVA Healthcare, the Pune headquartered Indian multinational, with a strong global footprint, that manufactures human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, announced the launch of its OTC (over the counter) business of herbal formulations, under the name of SAVA Herbals

SAVA Healthcare plans to invest Rs. 200 crore in Smart Industrial Park near Indore, MP

SAVA Healthcare Limited, India based pharmaceutical company has announced its investment plan of Rs. 200 crore with the acquisition of 15 acres land in a well renowned Smart Industrial Park (SIP) near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The company with its headquarters in Pune, specializes in the global contract research and manufacturing.

SAVA Healthcare appoints WATConsult as digital marketing agency

Pune-based SAVA Healthcare has appointed WATConsult, as the digital marketing partner for its new herbal formulation business, SAVA Herbals.