The Heart of The Sava Healthcare System Is Manufacturing

Sava Healthcare Limited is a research based pharmaceutical & healthcare company. It is our prime corporate endeavour to maintain highest quality standard while manufacturing quality products to fulfil the medicinal & healthcare needs of the global community.

The best innovations in healthcare come from exemplary manufacturing units that have a committed team of professionals working for scientific development. The state of the art and DSIR approved R&D facility at Pune is equipped with modern equipment and an experienced team of more than 50 scientists (including B Pharms, M Pharms, PhDs) who work on novel and competitive formulations across various therapeutic segments.


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Sava Healthcare stands tall in delivering quality products with the help of a number of specialised strategies:

  • Strong adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices laid by National and International Regulation & Code of Standards.
  • Maintaining Quality values among our Manufacturing & Business team at all level by implementing stringent Quality Management System to ensure Purity, Safety, Efficacy and Reliability of Products and Services.


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Surendranagar, Gujarat (India)


Manufacturing plant
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Sava Healthcare’s main manufacturing plant located at Surendranagar, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat is highly accredited and produces various dosage forms across therapeutic categories.

It has a state-of-art manufacturing facility compliant to cGMP requirements for Tablet, Oral Dry Powder, Capsule, Nasal sprays, DPIs, Cream, Gel and Ointment formulations with dedicated manufacturing sections supported by In-House R&D Center which focuses on Formulation and Analytical Development. More than 90 dedicated HVAC systems are in place to maintain consistent environment conditions relevant to clean & classified areas.

The manufacturing unit at Surendranagar has many accreditations like; WHO – GMP India, Health Canada, PIC/S Ukraine, PPB Kenya, NDA Uganda, FDA Philippines, DDA – Nepal, TFDA Tanzania , CD&DA – Sri Lanka, MOH – Vietnam, MOH-Myanmar.

One of the important parts of Sava’s manufacturing process is the Independent Warehousing for storage handling of input materials and finished goods with in-house Palletization facility for Finished Goods. The manufacturing area is constructed using modular GMP partitions, doors and epoxy resin floorings having dedicated MAL & PAL system and door interlocking system.

At Sava, purified water generation through Double pass Reverse Osmosis & distribution system is in place with pre- & post-UV treatment maintained under continuous re-circulation loop with online conductivity and TOC check.

Quality Control Unit is fully equipped with modern and sophisticated instrumentation along with Independent microbiological Testing laboratory.

Robust Quality Management System in place is all compliant to cGMP requirements.

To operate the processes at the manufacturing unit, a Qualified, Competent and Experienced Team masterminds the Manufacturing operation and its control.

Continuous Training Programmes are well in place based on cGMP aspects, regulatory requirements, Health and Hygiene and Standard Operating Procedures.


Products Manufactured


Products Manufactured
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Broadly speaking, the following pharmaceutical dosage forms are manufactured at Sava Healthcare:

  • Nasal Sprays and Drops.
  • Puff Caps / Dry Powder Inhalation
  • Tablets (Uncoated, Film-coated, Sustained & Controlled Release and Chewable).
  • Dry Powder for Oral Suspension.
  • Semisolid Dosage Forms (Cream, Gel, and Ointments).
  • Capsules (General & Controlled Release)


Sophisticated Manufacturing Equipment


Sophisticated Manufacturing Equipment
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To keep up with the High demand and competition, manufacturing processes require sophisticated equipment that are efficient and do not compromise on quality.

Sava Healthcare displays great excellence in manufacturing quality products at competitive rates and this is possible only because of a high installed annual manufacturing capacity for a wide range of products.


In this regard, the Manufacturing Equipment at Sava Healthcare Limited has the following features, which makes it among the leading manufacturers:

  • HMI & PLC controlled, Manufacturing Equipments viz, RMG, FBDs, Coating Machines.
  • High speed Tablet compression machines with integrated de-dusting and metal detection system.
  • High speed Capsule filling machines with integrated polishing and metal detection system.
  • Automated Dry powder filling and sealing machine with in built check wear system.
  • High speed Tablet and Capsule counting and filling machines.
  • Automated Nasal spray Filling machine.
  • High speed Blistering Machine with Automatic Camera detection system.
  • Integrated Ointment filling and Auto-cartoning Machines.
  • Advanced Bar coding and Serialization system.
  • Independent Quality Assurance department is well in place having Robust QMS to ensure Product Quality at each stage of manufacturing.


SAVA Group is amongst the fastest emerging pharmaceutical organizations of repute from India and has a reach of customers in Canada, Ukraine, CIS, Asia, Africa & FWA in pharmaceutical arena making the lives of millions of people feel good.

It does so with the help of highly functioning and robust Supply Chain which ensures the proper delivery of products in the right condition.


Supply Chain


Supply Chain
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Every product that is carefully formulated and manufactured under compliant conditions must reach in controlled temperature and humidity conditions to the end-user to deliver the desired therapeutic response.

At Sava Healthcare Limited, the best in-class service providers, both domestic and international, are used to ensure supply chain effectiveness. This also ensures that we meet the sturdy pillars of financial solidarity, stability, reliability, operational expertise, infrastructure, technology and revolutionary business strategy and execution.

SAVA is a manufacturing partner for many leading companies in India like Sun Pharma, Alkem, Zydus, Lupin, MacLeods, Dr Reddy’s, Glenmark etc. and a host of mid to small size companies. SAVA is also a close business associate with JAMP Canada & Movi Health Ukraine.

Since 2003, we at “SAVA” are committed to make life “Feel Good” with our range of pharmaceutical formulations. The manufacturing processes are also run with such a mission in mind, with quality focus and manufacturing expertise along with innovation. This helps SAVA reach the Indian & global pharmaceutical markets through exports from India.