Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain

Every product carefully formulated and manufactured under compliant conditions must reach in controlled temperature and humidity conditions to the end-user to deliver the desired therapeutic response. Best in Class service providers both domestic and international are used to ensure supply chain effectiveness.


Our Global sourcing initiatives and programs form an integral part of the strategic sourcing plan and procurement strategy that aims to seek economies of scale and benefit us from optimized acquisition costs, faster time-to-market and ensure the reliability of product supply. SAVA has a global network of best-in-class API / RM/PM suppliers which supports its ambition to deliver the best in class products at the most efficient prices to benefit end customers.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics and distribution form the most essential element in being a pharmaceutical enterprise with a global module. At SAVA all our products after packaging are stored under secure conditions in an automated, computer-controlled, high-rise warehouse.

The warehouse is temperature and humidity monitored.

All shipments are individually monitored at departure from the Regional Distribution Center until final proof-of-delivery at the destination with a web-based tracking. Our transport solutions are partnered with the most reputable first-class logistic carriers who hold the same high-quality standards and provide end-to-end logistics solutions. Sava exports to as many as 40 countries across the globe through Air and Sea route. We also export in refrigerated containers by sea and under 2 – 8°C by air.

For the domestic market, Sava manages its storage and dispatch on PAN India basis from its 5 warehouses located across India. Customer delight has been the focus of SAVA.

  • Shipment monitoring
  • Controlled ambiance < 25°C
  • 2 – 8°C