Research & Development

R & D

The R & D facility located at Chinchwad near Pune is best in class and approved by DSIR and has to its credit over 325 formulations developed In-house of which more than 120 products ranging from Dry Powder Inhalers to Nasal Sprays and Bi-layered tablets to Ointments and Creams have been manufactured at Sava’s own manufacturing facility at Surendranagar & commercialized for markets like Canada, Ukraine and the CIS, Asia, Africa & FWA.

Formulation Development

  • Specialized formulations Dry Powdered Inhalers
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Formulation troubleshooting and Process Development of existing dosage forms
  • Development and Optimization of existing formulations
  • Tablets [Uncoated/Film Coated/Enteric coated/Sugar coated/Effervescent]
  • Capsules [Starting from Size 0 to Size 4 Caps
  • Ointments [Ointment/Cream/Gel]

  • Excipient compatibility
  • Quantitative and Qualitative evaluation of proprietary dosage forms
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Separate Dedicated Area for Raw Material under Lock and key
  • Separate AHU system in each area of Formulation and Development
  • Under development plan for new Dedicated Facility of Aerosol/MDI products

Analytical Development

Analytical development is a vital component of our R&D agenda with special focus given to:

  • Analytical Method Development for Assay, Dissolution and Related Substances
  • Testing of API and Excipients as per Pharmacopeia and by In House Method
  • Method Validation – for Assay, Dissolution and Related Substances
  • Stability Studies as per ICH Guidelines

  • Process Validation and Packing Validation
  • Comparative Study with Innovator for various parameters as per Pharmacopeia and by In House Method
  • Dissolution Testing
  • Documentation for audit trail

Regulatory Affairs

In today’s competitive environment the reduction of time taken to reach the market is critical to a product’s and hence the company’s success. Our Regulatory Affairs team keeps track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which the company intends to market its products.
Our Regulatory Affairs is capable of all types of regulatory submissions (Dossiers / ANDA / ANDS / CTD / e CTD) to any of the semi-regulated to highly regulated markets ensuring fast turnaround in business.

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