Our body is a Temple… worship it using SAVA Herbals

Naturopathy, Ayurveda, herbal medicine and such forms of traditional medicines have taken the world of medicine by storm. There is a huge demand globally for natural products now that the western countries have realized the value of using herbal products.

It is nature’s boon to mankind and although traditional medicine or ‘Ayurveda’ has been prevalent in ancient India for thousands of years, it is only now that the entire world has come to understand its importance. 

In Hindu mythology, Ayurveda, as a system of medicine, has been attributed to the physician of Gods —Dhanvantari. His gift of medical knowledge came from Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. 

Early concepts of medicine were passed on to the disciples through the ‘Atharvanaveda‘, a treasure trove of knowledge showing how medicinal plants and herbs have healing powers.

The Sanskrit word ‘Ayurved‘ itself is a combination of two words, ‘Ayu‘ meaning life and ‘ved‘ meaning science. This valuable knowledge of life and longevity has references even in Jainism, Buddhism and also in Unani medicine.

This ancient form of medicine has been found to be highly effective and a popular form of treatment modern times too.

The Buddha preached “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and simple for the soul to reside in’. With so much significance given to the art of healthy living and to keep our body pure, simple, and healthy, Ayurveda is the most ideal and practical choice of medicine.

This is why herbal medicine is gaining popularity worldwide and is widely accepted as an alternate form of treatment. 

We have all grown up with simple home remedies made from ginger, lime, turmeric, honey, etc. all concocted lovingly by our mothers and grandmothers simply for these reasons.

Herbal medicine is affordable, effective, suitable for all age-groups, and moreover, is safe without undesired side-effects.

Some herbs when used in combination with others provide promising healing properties making them even more effective. 

A rapid change in the mindset of modern people has simultaneously occurred in the field of cosmetics and personal care products.

With the general awareness about ‘Natural’ ingredients being safe and effective is increasingly influencing a demand for herbal products.

Manufacturers have started substituting synthetic chemicals with safe, naturally occurring raw materials to their toiletries and cosmetics.

The present generation is aware of the hazards of chemicals on the human body and the environment and are making smart choices for more natural, sustainable, eco-friendly and chemical-free products.

SAVA Herbals gives the consumer all this and much more! SAVA Herbals, a business vertical of Sava Healthcare Limited helps to improve health of consumers everyday by providing them with herbal solutions that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

SAVA Healthcare Limited is a globally recognized name for providing a wide range of standardized herbal extracts manufactured using ingredients of highest purity and quality.

SAVA Herbals is an extension of these unique capabilities, offering consumers herbal solutions that make a huge differences to their daily lives.

The various herbal solutions comprise an innovative blend of ayurvedic herbs, carefully chosen for their health benefits. Hygienically manufactured with purest and highest quality ingredients, these herbal solutions of SAVA Herbals assure consumers of products of exceptional quality.

Premium quality herbal medicines and nutraceuticals are in great demand with more and more people choosing them over other options.

SAVA Herbals advocates a pure, safe and healthy living and thus promotes a balanced method of healing for maintaining general good health.

These days in a world with fast paced, stressful lifestyles, SAVA Herbals has the ‘stamp of quality assurance’ and comes with a promise to improve health everyday.

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