Bulk Supply

SAVA Herbals is the global supplier of high quality bulk extracts. Our standardized herbal extracts are manufactured in a state of the art nutraceutical complex in Bangalore, Southern India. We pay utmost attention to the quality and natural condition of extracts and use no artificial colourings or flavorings.

Every aspect of production is carefully supervised and our products are rigorously tested us to screen herbal materials for high levels of the desired plant compounds and screen-out undesirables like heavy metals and pesticides.The test results are then verified by independent laboratories. The herb extracts are packed in clean rooms into double lined HDPE drums and shipped to our customers. Our products are fresh and fragrant maintaining the natural colour of the herb.

We respect environmental values in all areas of its business. This includes measures to reduce consumption of raw materials, energy and water as well as optimizing transport efficiency and wastewater disposal.

Contract Research

Herbal and neutraceutical products have become increasingly popular in recent years and companies are looking for options to develop products more efficiently. As an innovative contract research company we offer our clients the most up-to-date services in various areas.

Identification of herbs and its application:
The proper authentication of herbal raw materials is critically important to the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines. We carry out Identification and authentication of botanicals, medicinal plants and raw herbs by taxonomy, morphology, macroscopic, microscopic, histochemical, chemical and chromatographic techniques.

Process and technology development for extraction of herbal drugs:
We provide complete solution for technological development from lab level to industrial scale for herbal drug extraction. We carefully select solvent, time for the process and temperature at which extraction is to be carried out. So the process developed ensures extract with high content of biomarker in a time, energy and cost saving fashion.

Development of the new formulation, application, process and technology:
We develop the herbal extract/ bioactive on scientific basis taking into considerations the various aspects associated with it.

Our formulation development capabilities include :

  • Feasibility study
  • Formulation composition
  • Designing of the dosage form
  • Process optimization
  • Scale up

Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to contract manufacturing herbal extracts, our service is based on reliability, integrity and efficiency – essential qualities in a sensitive and critical business.

Sourcing of botanical raw material, processing, quality assurance, packaging, and warehousing are all centralized here. The facility offers a full range of procurement and extraction services and has a capacity to produce 150 metric tons (MT) of water based extracts and 50 MT solvent based extracts annually.

State-of-the art equipment and a dedication to quality control through all stages of raw material procurement and production processing lead to the production of high quality botanical extracts at competitive prices as per Quality and Food safety management systems.

We offer comprehensive and confidential contract manufacturing services for products from development through to bulk production.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Process development and optimization
  • Process scale up and validation
  • Multi kilo pilot plant production
  • Bulk production