SAVA Logography

To know SAVA, is to know
what is to “feel good”.

For life to feel good is to find energy that nourishes it with exuberance of health.
This energy shines perennial and accompanies life all through its journey.  
Everyday it instills life
with a refreshing fragrance.

Everyday, this energy connects more
and more people with each other,

Binding them into living for a better cause
To better lives across the world.
Everyday, when people hear  SAVA,
They see the radiance
of health glitter their eyes  

They find the fragrance of
harmony filling their breath.

Everyday, SAVA delivers an experience
That takes Life… beyond care!
That makes life Victorious!

Our Corporate Symbol

Sunflower comprising of ‘Global Carpel’ in the center of the blossom and ‘V’ in the epicenter of the carpel signifying ‘Victory over Life’.

SAVA means ‘feel good.’

When we see fresh flowers, it is a sure shot feel good factor.

Even the sad and morose feel happy and elated at the sight of fresh flowers.

Thus flower can be indirect connotation of feel good – direct meaning of word Sava-our corporate.