Mr. Vishal Jadhav

Executive Director - Corporate Affairs

With over two decades of comprehensive experience, Vishal Jadhav is an accomplished Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, holding a degree in Commerce. His expertise spans Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, underpinning his pivotal role at SAVA Healthcare.

In his current role, Vishal leads the Internal Audit and Corporate Affairs divisions, showcasing his deep and nuanced understanding of the pharmaceutical sector and its global dynamics. Vishal’s extensive international experience has been instrumental in expanding his professional network, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. His insights and connections are invaluable assets to SAVA Healthcare Ltd.

At SAVA Healthcare, Vishal is recognized as a strategic leader, deeply involved in enhancing Organizational Effectiveness. His proactive involvement in fostering relationships with Government Agencies and driving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives reflects his dedication to not just the company’s growth but also to its role in societal advancement.