Xanomax Herbal Extract

Garcinia mangostana

SAVA Herbals provides consistent high quality Mangosteen extracts with brand name as XanoMax®. Mangosteen extract powder has abundant source of Xanthones which are powerful antioxidants.

Mangosteen, Purple mangosteen

Botanical Name
Garcinia mangostana

Sanskrit Name

General Description
The Mangosteen is tropical fruit considered to be one of the finest tasting fruits in the world. A very powerful antioxidant called Xanthones have been found within mangosteen. The Mangosteen fruit rind is initially a crisp green, ripening to deep purplish burgundy when fruit is ready to eat.The ripe mangosteen has a smooth, dark purple rind holding snow-white fruits inside. Mangosteen rind was found to have strong antioxidant activity, due to the presence of high content of prenylatedxanthone derivatives.

Mangosteen contains more than 40 bioactive, natural chemical compounds called Xanthones. While all these Xanthones have similar molecular structures, each one has its own unique chemical composition that permits it to perform a specific function.Mangosteen also containscatechins, polysaccharides, Quinones, stilbenes and polyphenols. 

25 Kg  DoublePolylined HDPE drum

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