Senna alexandrina is a member of the pea family (Fabaceae) and is native to northern and northeastern Africa. Senna has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western medicine as a laxative and is useful for conditions in which easy defecation with soft stools is desirable, such as anal fissure or hemorrhoids.


Indian senna, Alexandrian senna, Cassia senna

Botanical Name

Senna alexandriana/Cassia angustifolia

General Discription

Senna is cultivated commercially in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Gujarat in about more than one lakh hectare area in semi-arid regions. India is the largest producer and exporter of senna leaves, pods and total sennosides in the world market. Our extracts are standardized to 10% and 20% Calcium sennosides by HPLC


Senna contains Sennosides which irritates the lining of the bowel giving potential laxative effect.


25kg Double polylined HDPE Drums.