Gymnema Herbal Extract

Gymnema sylvestre

SAVA Herbals provides consistent high quality Gymnema extract.

Miracle fruit, Gymnema, Cowplant, Australian cowplant, Gurmari, Gurmarbooti, Gurmar, periploca of the woods

Botanical Name
Gymnema sylvestre

Sanskrit Name
Ajasringi, Meshasringi, Madhunasini

General Description
Gymnema sylvestre is a woody, climbing plant, native to India. The leaves of this plant have been used in India for 2,000 years. It is found in tropical forest in southern and central India.

Plant constituents include Gymnemic acids, Gymnemagenin (Gymnemasaponins), flavones, anthraquinones, resins, stigmasterol, quercitol, and the amino acid derivatives betaine, choline, and trimethylamine.  

25 Kg  Double Polylined HDPE drum.

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