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Beclogen cream

Clotrimazole is a broad-spectrum antifungal agent that is used for the treatment of dermal infections caused by various species of pathogenic dermatophytes, Yeasts, and Malassezia furfur. Beclomethasone dipropionate is a highly effective anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory corticosteroid. Gentamicin sulphate is a broad spectrum antibiotic which provides highly effective topical treatment in primary and secondary bacterial infections of the skin.


Clotrimazole U.S.P 1% w/w

Beclomethasone dipropionate B.P. 0.025 w/w

Gentamicin sulphate B.P. equivalent to gentamicin base 0.1% w/w

Cream base………..q.s.


Beclogen cream is indicated for the relief of the inflammatory manifestations of corticosteroid responsive dermatoses complicated by secondary infections.

Dosage and administration:

Gently massage the cream into the affected and surrounding skin area twice daily or as directed by the physician.

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