Innovation and Discovery Research

The Innovation and Discovery Team (IDT) division of SAVA engages in the discovery of novel therapeutic entities, both natural and synthetic, for clinical indications of interest.

The team is focused on various therapeutic areas that include diseases such as influenza, Rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, male health, vitiligo, autism, diabetes, obesity, Acne vulgaris, rUTI, heavy metal toxicity, blood disorders etc.

Suitable Novel Chemical Entities (NCE) and herbal formulations have been developed for tackling these diseases.

The NCE’s are in various stages of development and expected to hit the market soon. The team is innovation driven and naturally diffuses the innovation thinking of the team members to bring in the right technologies and products to the table.

The team engages in systematic research for identification of novel therapeutic molecules through molecular docking studies, purification of molecules, developing various dosage forms of the formulation such as dry powder inhaler, nasal spray, tablets, ointments and capsules followed by animal efficacy studies prior to conducting human studies.

The discovery for three years has enabled the team to file 17 product and process patents and several research publications in peer-reviewed journals of international repute. 

The IDT is immersed in the mission to bring the new idea to market and has the necessary expertise to solve your problems and bottlenecks in research. 

The SAVA management fosters cohesive thinking and strengthens the mission of the Innovation and Discovery team to ensure success. Since to foster greater innovation, collaborative work, where employees pool their knowledge and perspectives to learn and innovate faster, appears a feasible strategy, our team is open to collaborations and partnerships for product development and commercialization.